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VAX Dungeon

Way back in the early 1980's, when I joined a company called Software Techniques, I spent many happy hours playing a game called DUNGEON. This was one of the first large and complex computer games that I had ever seen, and it fascinated me. Suddenly, I had a way to romp around a dungeon, killing monsters and finding treasure, without being involved with other people. 


DUNGEON is more or less a huge puzzle ... actually a series of puzzles. The dungeon itself is a maze of tunnels, with various treasures scattered throughout. There are monsters such as a troll and a Cyclops ... these must be killed or frightened. There are riddles to solve, such as how to get through the coal mine without blowing yourself up. And there are treasures to be retrieved ... some of these objects are just lying on the floor for the picking and some hidden or obstructed from view. 

Solving a riddle or retrieving some treasure increased your score. A total of 512 points was needed to "win". I never reached this value ... my maximum score was around 300. I didn't get higher because I had work to do, and I eventually tired of the game and it's sometimes obscure puzzles. 

Many years later (over ten years, in fact) I was given a copy of several games for the Macintosh, including a game called ZORK. This game was a derivation of DUNGEON ... in fact, it was virtually identical. The writers of DUNGEON split it up into three parts (ZORK 1, ZORK 2 and ZORK 3) and sold them for the IBM PC and the Macintosh. Playing these reminded me of my good times years before. So I printed out the listings and included them on this web site as a permanent reminder of those good old days. 

I have included listings of both the data file and the program within this volume. Everything is available for free for the general public, so no copyrights were infringed by this publication. Many of the rooms, treasures, objects and puzzles are described in the section that follows. This basically documents the portions of the dungeon that I explored. Unfortunately I didn't get through the entire thing before I published this volume. Thus, the walkthrough is incomplete.




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